Big Article Scraper API Documentation

BAS API documentation

First, go to the /settings page and set your API key.

Authentication is needed for all API services, except for the ping service. To authenticate provide your email and your API key as HTTP Basic Auth headers. Examples for each service are provided below.

Ping service at /api/v1.0/ping

A simple ping-like service for testing purposes. Example:

$ curl
					{"ping": "pong"}

					$ curl --user EMAIL:API_KEY --data ""
					{"authenticated_user": "EMAIL", "ping": "pong"}


Return "pong". For testing if connection to API works.

Response: json


Return email of authenticated user. For testing if auth works.

Response: json

Job service at /api/v1.0/jobs/{job_id}

A service for getting a single Job. Example:

$ curl --user EMAIL:API_KEY
					    "id": 1,
					    "state": "success",
					    "category": "Automotive",
					    "articles": [
					            "id": 1,
					            "title": "An article",
					            "text": "Article's text ..."
					            "id": 2,
					            "title": "Another article",
					            "text": "Another article's text ..."


Return the Job for a given job_id.

Response: json

Jobs service at /api/v1.0/jobs

A service for creating Jobs. Example:

$ curl --user EMAIL:API_KEY -H "Content-Type: application/json"
					    --data '{"category":"Automotive", "ids_to_skip": [1]}'
					{"id": 1}


values in the body
  • keywords : List, optional
  • category : String, optional
  • article_count : Integer, optional
  • remove_signature : Boolean, optional
  • ids_to_skip : List, optional

Create a new Job.

Param ids_to_skip:
 List of IDs of articles that you already have, and want to skip in this job.

Response: json