How To Report An Infringing Article

We do everything in our power to remove any copyrighted articles from purchased PLR packs. Our filter removes any articles which have author name, author link or copyright statement in them.

We strictly abide to rights that are given to us but we cannot guarantee our seller actually abided theirs.

There is a 3-step process in case of you finding an infringing article.

1. Report The Infringement To Us

Please email us with the subject 'Infringing Article Report' from the dropdown and include the following data:

  • article title and link,
  • original article author and link (if possible),
  • your full name, title (if you’re the author, agent etc.) and address.

2. Article Is Deleted

Once we confirm the above received information, we immediately delete the article from all our databases.

3. All Members Are Notified Of The Infringement

Once the article is deleted, all members are notified about the infringement and are advised to remove the article from their websites if they have used it.

We take these issues very seriously and we take care of them with priority.


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